Hey, this isn’t so bad!

I thought that going from eating “crap”, to eating healthy would be difficult. Turns out, not so much. First, JD cooked potatoes and chicken on the grill. It was soooo good. The next night we were craving pizza, so he went to Johnny’s and they sold him a wad of pizza dough- for a dollar! He put fresh tomatoes and veggies on it. Delish!


Tonight, JD made pasta with fresh tomatoes. I mean seriously, doesn’t that look great? It was so, so good. Eating fresh-made meals is so much better than the frozen, boxed dinners we WERE eating.


And to think I thought this would be hard.

One thought on “Hey, this isn’t so bad!

  1. Let me get this straight – you don’t have to shop so much – don’t have to cook – eating healthy is easy for everyone except for JD.

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