Hello Weenie

Last year my brother had a blog and instructed me NOT to blog about Halloween. Then he got high on Kit-Kat’s and told me to go for it. Then he woke up with a sugar hangover, checked my blog, and sent me a nasty text. I’d HEARD about nasty texts, but frankly I don’t see what the big deal is.

THIS year, my brother does not have a blog. But he does have a flicker account where you can go and see what he spent his Halloween doing. Let’s just say – boys are weird.

Speaking of weird boys – JD took a few photographs, emphasis on FEW.

A bumble bee. One might mistake her for a WORKER bee. Emphasis on MISTAKE.

A Pink Lady. She’s not actually old enough to watch Grease, but I filled her in on all the good parts.

RimFire: I’ve only heard of Rizzo.

Me: Yeah, she’s the mean one. Then there’s Frenchie the hairdresser, uh…oh, oh, and SANDY. She’s super sweet, and really nice, and very kind.

RimFire: I think I’ll stick with Rizzo.

I stayed home and passed out candy while AmmoGuy and JD took the girls for candy. They came home with a bucket EACH. Now I’m going to have to go and inspect each and every piece for needles, poison, and suspicious packaging. Especially those Reese’s Cups. They look TOTALLY suspicious.

3 thoughts on “Hello Weenie

  1. The girls look really cute. I bet they had a great time. How many kids came to your door TWO.

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