Hello Again

I know, it’s been a LONG time. So much for my blogging with any kind of consistency. I blame my mother. She and the aunts and Cousin Karen spent the weekend with me and they don’t leave time for anything other than yard sales.

While I was busy with work on Thursday, they hit an estate sale, went shopping, cooked dinner, hung out with my daughter, fed the dog and basically made themselves at home. Which was AWESOME. I wish they’d make themselves at home every weekend! On Friday and Saturday, I hit the yard sales with them. We bought glassware, crockpots, clothing, doll houses, jewelry, chandeliers, shoes, boots, vases, pillows, games, purses and two punch bowls.

Part of the fun of shopping is all of the people you meet. We talked to a bridge player whose wife had just died, a fellow who would perform free-style rap for $1.00, and a diet enthusiast who claims the Whole 30 diet is the stuff of dreams.

After the gang left town, I collapsed in the bed until my brother bought Baby A and Rimfire over to spend the night. I fed the toddler anything she wanted, including lots of ice-cream, and forced the teens to watch Sense and Sensibilities.

Everybody loves Alan Rickman!

Sunday we went to church, ate a nice brunch out, then I went downtown to participate in a townhall meeting about bridge.

So my weekend consisted of hanging out with peddlers, watching Jane Austen, and discussing Whist.  I’m sure all those years spent reading Historical Romances has no bearing on my present life.


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  1. Shopping was fun but I can’t keep up with you. Thanks for putting up with us.

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