He works hard for the money

My husband is a good photographer. Which helps, since that’s like his JOB. Most people don’t really understand what he does when he says “corporate photography”, but basically he goes places and shoots for magazines, in-house publications, annual reports, corporaty things.

It’s a stressful and demanding profession. Like yesterday, he had to go to a Braves game. Do you KNOW how scary Atlanta traffic is?

Here’s one of the shots –


It was to show how Coke is good for the environment by providing lots of plastic bottles for recycling. Recycling wouldn’t be nearly as successful without all of those used bottles lying around. (Or laying around, I like to cover my bases.) Coke has been very good to us, so I don’t care if they bottle it in nuclear waste containers and throw it in the Chattahoochie. Which they DON’T , of course.

But I hear Pepsi does. True story.

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