Have you heard?

I went to India! While there, I was hanging out with 46 of the coolest kids on earth. I kept thinking how much the MoonPie would enjoy getting to know them, so my goal is to take her next year. But honestly, the kids set the bar so high for behavior, I’ll have to spend the next 365 days preparing her.

I am not exaggerating. They were soooo good – here’s a story to illustrate. One day, we (and by “we” I mean I had nothing to do with it) arranged for the kids to visit the zoo. It was a two-hour ride, EACH WAY, on a bus with no air conditioning, to a zoo that had a large exhibit devoted solely to the PIGEON, yet not one child complained. No one asked me for a soda, cried about the heat, or begged to be carried. Well, no one but me.

So here’s the plan. A) We practice behavior modification on a large scale, consistently and creatively disciplining the MoonPie until she can stand extreme temperatures, long, dusty bus rides, and a sugar-less diet.

or B) Dress her in something cute and hope no one notices.


6 thoughts on “Have you heard?

  1. Moon Pie you can come and live with me. Those children didn’t ask for those things because they have never had them and it is always hot there. Be patient your mother will come back to reality in a few weeks.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Check out her bod aunt Lisa. I can not believe you let her wear that! Don’t you realize that now every and I mean EVERY guy is going to be checking her out now?!!!
    Gorgeous. 🙂
    I’m sending a picture of Uncle JD around just so guys will know what’s waiting when they bring her home…

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