Have Mercy

Well, that was a weekend. Moon and I left early on Thursday, headed for the hills of Virginia, by way of WalMart and every other gas station and fast food restaurant on 75. We made great time until we hit Knoxville. That’s when we ran into SLOOOOOW moving traffic, also known as my mama. I really should learn how to get to my sister’s unassisted. Still, I suppose making it there slowly but safely is better than fast and dead. And if I’d died, I would have missed all of the fun!

The first night, my sister made a delicious dinner and we all sat around talking while Moon swam in Tania-the-Mad’s new pool. If we were they type of siblings to think of life as a competition, TTM would win, hands down. It’s not enough that she has to go out and get a pool like mine, she has to get one that’s WARM. Also, clear. Moon was all, “That’s what the bottom of a pool looks like?” Show off.

On Friday, we all got up and went shopping, Grundy style. FIRST, we went to the QVC overstock store where I bought Moon a pair of shoes that she won’t wear, and myself a new piece of luggage that will probably stop zipping before my next vacation. THEN we went to the As Seen On TV store for some sketchy looking SPANX. We had to get to TTM’s venue to start setting up for the vintage fashion show so we had to skip buying anything out of the back of a truck, but Mama’s going back in July so she’ll be able to outfit us with all the knock-off Coach products we need.

After spending HOURS putting out all of my mom’s jewelry, watching TTM pick it up and buy it, then getting out MORE jewelry to put on the tables, I was exhausted. Luckily I was able to eat a nice dinner and head right to bed. Out in the RV. One of these days I’m actually going to be allowed IN the house.

Saturday we all headed to the show. I was in charge of photography.

Interesting that my sister and Bertha found time to SIT and EAT. Must have been nice.

After the show, I watched the Ladies French Open Final even though it was 12 hours after the actual event, ate Joe’s famous ribs despite being vegan, then I went back out to my lovely bed in the condo on wheels. I. Was. Beat.

Sunday morning came MUCH too early, but Moon and I packed and headed home stopping only to go through the McDonald’s drive thru,  buy beef jerky, use the bathroom, get a Frosty, go to the bathroom, eat at Quizno’s, get gas, go to the bathroom, and eat at Subway. It was as lovely as it sounds.

Now I’m going to attempt to go to bed. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep without the sound of coal trains vibrating through the thin, metal wall, but I’ll do my best.

3 thoughts on “Have Mercy

  1. I didn’t realize how much fun we had until I read your blog. I missed my RV bed after James kept turning over and Sally Ann slept on my legs last night.

  2. That was a bedroom suite, complete with kitchen and bath. You could have even driven to a different location if you had decided to. Compare that to poor D sleeping in that dungeon of a bedroom with the piles and piles of baby stuff. You can thank me later.

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