Happy Thanksgiving!


Look what happens when you search a Stock Photo site for Turkey. I’ll be more specific.

Turkey as in “wild game” –


Much better. And now, 25 random things that I’m thankful for (in no particular order) –

1. Great Inlaws

2. A terrific husband

3. My parents are alive and well and awesome

4. Siblings that I like

5. The most beautiful and gracious MoonPie

6. Cousins – those I had growing up, and those MoonPie has now

7. Really good books

8. Bloody Mary’s

9. Memories of a good childhood

10. The smell of horses

11. Beth Moore, John Piper and all those cool people that bring the Bible alive for me

12. Healthy grandparents

13. The feeling of the air in Zollicoffer

14. That I have so much food I have to worry about being FAT

15. I have a job!

16. Bridge

17. My church rocks

18. Being a southerner

19. I never run into any old boyfriends

20. The friends that know me and like me anyway

21. That MoonPie is loved by so many people

22. That Tennessee beat Georgia this year

23. Free photography whenever I need it

24. A life of undeserved grace and blessings

25. That I’m not a turkey

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