Happy New Year!

Whew, I hope you’ve recovered from the awesome New Years Eve party you attended. If you’re like me, it took HOURS to get the confetti out of your hair, amiright? But now that the band has left, the empty bottles have been thrown away, and the last of the party-goers have gone, I can finally concentrate on my list of New Years Resolutions.

I looked over last years and there was only one thing – WRITE more. And since that was going to be my number one again, I guess we’ll just put that with the “goes-without-saying” list along with 1) Read the bible more, 2) Be a better mom/wife/etc. and 3) Stop eating everything in sight.

Since Write More is off the table, the only other thing I’ve got is Be A Person of Action. You know, like when someone calls and asks you to pray cause they have a really busy week and are totally stressing out cause their mother-in-law is coming to town and their boss is on the warpath? Maybe instead of just saying a quick, 30-second prayer, I could actually do that AND run over and help her clean her house. Or even better, take the kids to a movie while SHE cleans.

I said I wanted be active, not Mother Theresa.

So, what are YOU doing new in 2012?

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