Happy Monday

I have big news, Kittens. You’re probably not going to believe this, but Sharon and I finally WON. At tennis! It was touch and go there for awhile. We were up in the first set 4-1, and they came back and beat us. Let’s just say I might have popped a blood vessel in my brain. I was doing my best to hold it together in the 2nd, repeating “serenity now” over and over again, and Sharon kept saying encouraging things like, “Get that look off your face.” Apparently, I’m an ugly loser.

Anyway, we won the 2nd set, 7 -5, and then we were home free. We totally crushed them the 3rd set, which was helped by the fact that one of our opponents was a little bit out of shape, and Sharon kept hitting drop shots to her, and lobbing her to make her run. I tried to tell her to lighten up, but you know how competitive some people can be.

It was a good finale to a busy weekend. Moon invited a couple of friends over to spend the night Friday. They had a lot of fun which mainly involved filling 72 balloons with water and soaking my entire house. Whatever works, amiright? On Saturday, we got up early and headed to the CPS Walk for Life. It’s was a chilly morning and we had to walk 3 miles, but the most uncomfortable portion of the day was when I had to hand in my support form and we only had 3. Obviously, fundraising is not my strong suit. But we still had fun, walking and waving our signs at the oncoming traffic. Once we were done THERE, we went to the Kennesaw Festival where Moon sang with her honor chorus and I stood in line for ten minutes to get 2 cases of free yogurt EVEN THOUGH I don’t eat diary. Free is free, amiright?

Saturday afternoon, the girls moved over to someone’s house for the night, so JD and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook. I LOVED it, but I love a lot of quirky films. Because they make you, I turned my phone to vibrate, then completely forgot about it. Which explains why I freaked out a few hours later when a car pulled into the drive. Turns out it was Moon. Oopsie. Seems one girl started missing her family and crying to go home, so Moon said she missed HER family and needed to go home, which made the host girl cry and beg them not to go home. See why I buy water balloons?

And that’s it. Now, all that’s left to do is get ready for the week. Moon’s CRCT starts tomorrow and I’ve got special breakfast foods to prepare and lunches to pack. And by all of that, I mean YOGURT.

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