Today I told my husband that this relationship wasn’t working and that I thought we should see other people. Then I remembered we were married and that whole break-up thing was no longer possible. Okay, NOT that I really wanted to be single, but I was making a point that people act differently during the courtship. And by “people”, I mean him.

Then I noticed my shoes.

No single woman would ever wear these. No single woman who had any interest in dating a MAN would wear these. I’m going to go shopping asap for a cuter pair, something a single girl would wear.

Here’s a cute pair, casual enough for the lake without looking like I work at the marina selling fish bait. I’m sure JD would be happier if I wore these. In fact, I feel like I OWE it to him to buy them. $264.00 is a small price to pay to keep the marriage fires burning.

2 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. I think you are dreaming if you think those shoes will keep the marriage fire burning. Run JD Run.

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