My weekend got a lot more fun when my brother called and asked if he could move in for a few days. Obviously I said NO, but then he said he was bringing Baby A which changed everything. I thought, like I’m sure most of you, that his wife had wised up and thrown him out. But no, they were just asked to vacate the premises because they are sick.

RimFire is having surgery this week and she CAN NOT get sick beforehand. Since none of us are having surgery, we can. So AmmoGuy with his cough, cough, cough and his sweet angel with a runny nose are now firmly planted in our guest bedroom. We tried to convince them to stay hidden away but they wanted out to “eat” and “potty”. Baby A is easy to please, but AmmoGuy has issues. Primarily he wants to sit on the couch and watch Miami Vice. The ORIGINAL one. Because he brought a Honey Baked Ham and I’m sweet I decided he could stay, but mainly that first one.

In other news, we continued our family Christmas tradition of getting together and yelling, also known as The Tyre Christmas Card. It’s getting a little harder to come up with cute Christmas ideas since our elf is now 6 feet tall. But she is a little easier to direct. Her father is still the same old pain.

Sunday we went to church like USUAL. AmmoGuy did not. Something about having to blah, blah, blah. It’s always the ones who need Jesus the most who can’t seem to make it. God will understand. It was probably something very important.


I’m sure a Crockett and Tubbs marathon counts as “important”.





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  1. I wish I lived close enough for them to stay with me. I think we are so old we have had everything so we don’t catch anything or maybe we just stay home and away from anything.

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