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Well. I thought that I was going to get a pass on this blog since I had decided that Mondays’ would be Moron Monday’s, and I’d just post a recipe at Beginning Recipes, but nope. Turns out that I forgot to take a picture of the finished product on one Moron Recipe, and while I did cook up something else, my daughter wants to use the photos for HER blog. That’s right, Moon has a blog. And as soon as she actually posts something, I’ll give you the link. For now, she’s just content to steal my ideas and sit on them.

It’s fine, since there was something that went on last week that I forgot to tell you about. Monday,  I took Moon and her BFF to a super-secret location where they met other “homeschoolers” for a group Minecraft event. This is were a bunch of kids sit in a room and play a video game together, without actually having to speak to each other or interact physically in any way.


I know the location looks slightly murdery in this photo, but it’s by invite only. I had to have a real conversation, like on the PHONE, with the leader before she’d let us come. Tomorrow is day two and I’m busy, so the other moms, who for some reason DO have to interact, with get to meet JD. Either the girls will never get to come back, or I won’t. For some reason, people always seem to like my husband better than they do me. It’s probably because he’s always sucking up to people by talking, and stupid stuff like that.




2 thoughts on “Group Games

  1. Did they like JD or was he banned from coming back? I am betting they loved him it takes at least 3 days for him to show his mean side.

  2. , Jessi. All my life, I have worked with cehldrin and adults with special needs. My dad was a school administrator working with teachers of cehldrin with special needs. I didn’t even like that word when it was considered “appropriate”,and now it is mainstream slang. My stomach gets in knots everytime I hear it. We had a huge movement in our school last year to get rid of it. There is a national campaign called Spread the word to END the Word. We had a huge assembly and every student got t shirts with positive words that our classes generated. Several students with disabilities shared their stories and how they are successful and advocate for themselves. The West Mont cheerleaders were there, and the kids gave all of the presenters standing ovations. The age I teach probably uses that word most often However, when people are reminded and educated, it makes a tremendous difference. It only takes one person to give others the strength to do the right thing and love others for who they are. I believe it starts with the kids-who always surprise me with the innate good in their hearts. Adults can be a little tougher, however, it is worth speaking up and advocating for, like you said, those who can’t. The more voices, the stronger the message. Thanks Jessi for being the stone who ripples the water in order to educate others for the good of all!

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