Groove Thangs

This was one of those awesome weekends where you do things you haven’t done in years. That’s right, I washed my windows. On the OUTSIDE. JD used a ladder and everything, and we only broke one storm-window in the process.

It was all in honor of our friend, Britt’s, 40th birthday. I know what you’re thinking, why am I hanging out with so many old people? What can I say, they just know how to party.

Carolyn and Don showed up looking like something right out of That 70’s Show. If the teenagers on That 70’s Show had 3 kids. Carolyn was sporting a red wig that was the HIT of the party.

Later, she hit on a younger man and danced to a slow jam. Carolyn earned 20 points for best wig. Unfortunately, she lost 100 points for being 2 in the 70’s.

Manatamy and her husband, whitemarginstargazergreg made an appearance. At least I think that was him, he was a little washed out. Dude, spend some time in the sun!

Carolyn’s wig made the rounds and it had some sort of magical power that made it look good on everyone.

I mean, that guy must get ALL the girls.

See, it worked for the birthday boy. Or maybe it was the dance moves. We pushed back the furniture, cranked up Play That Funky Music White Boy, and got it ON. It reminded me of growing up in the 70’s. My dad opened a bar next door to our house and I could hear the music and fun from my bedroom. I always wanted to go and join the festivities but I couldn’t.  My mom made me stay far away from the dancing, drunk adults. Which is probably why when I went to college, I ran to the first bar I could find to see what I had been missing.

My daughter won’t have to do that since we included her in all the fun. I think my superiority as a parent is evident.

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