Grease Is The Word, the Dirty Word

One of the greatest moments of my teenage life was when I went to see the movie, Grease. Olivia Newton-John was beautiful, and John Travolta, oh MAN, don’t get me started. Remember, this was a time when most of the nation thought Henry Winkler and the Fonz was hot. I loved the movie and especially the songs. Even now, MANY years later, I can sing right along with the Pink Ladies.

That is just the BEST. Apparently, I’m not alone. My friend, Kat, decided to have a group of ladies over to her house to watch the movie, hang out and relive our teenage crush over John Travolta. It was a lot of fun; there was singing, and food, and maybe even a glass or two of wine, but we couldn’t quite work up the same amount of love for the movie looking at it through adult eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, we loved it, it’s just that in 2 hours we have boys telling lies about getting down in the sand with a girl, teenagers smoking, stealing, and getting hickies, a pregnancy scare, fights, dirty dancing, inappropriate language, drag racing, and the corruption of a beautiful, pure girl into a spandex wearing tart. It explains so much about my life from the age of 15 – 30.

I wish they would have made a sequel, Grease – 20 Years Later. It might have helped to see Danny Zuko working at an appliance repair shop in New Jersey while a fat Sandy yelled at her kids over the dinner table and complained that she needed money for groceries. It MIGHT have, but I doubt it.

Seriously, I thought this was hot:

Don’t blame me, Kittens, it was the 80’s.

One thought on “Grease Is The Word, the Dirty Word

  1. I would like to see Travolta do those moves today he couldn’t walk for days afterward.

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