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Moon had a rough day on Wednesday. She went to the orthodontist who finally decided, yes, she will need braces. She won’t get them for another year or so, but he did put in temporary spacers with a more permanent solution coming soon. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she had clothing issues and tests. By the time bedtime rolled around, she¬† had big tears rolling down her cheeks and was longing for the days when she was a carefree toddler.

Since she had another dentist appointment on Thursday, I decided to give her a mental health day and skip school. I let her sleep in until 9:30 am, then gave her strict instructions to either play on her computer or watch TV. After her dentist appointment, I took her over to her BFF’s for some Minecraft time. I. am. awesome.

On Friday I sent her back to school like a responsible parent, but around 10:30 am I received a phone call. Poor Moon had a stomach ache AND a headache. JD said she was probably faking, but I hated the thought of her being at school sick, so I went and picked her up. Since she seemed to be okay, I asked if we could run a few errands which is how she ended up getting a haircut and her eyebrows waxed. If getting WAXED won’t cure a kid from calling home sick, I don’t know what will!

Yeah, she totally looks sick to me.

Side note: When I was a little girl, my parents once let me sleep in late and miss school. I think I was in Kindergarten and when I asked why, my mom said that Daddy didn’t want to wake me because I looked like an angel. I thought about that story while I was letting Moon sleep and it occurs to me that they may have been lying. I’m not saying they WERE, but now that I’m a parent I understand that other things might have been going on. Like maybe they drank too much wine the night before and overslept. Or maybe they took Tania-the-mad to school and forgot they had me. With those two, anything is possible.

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  1. Moon sure does look beautiful with her eyebrow waxing and hair cut. I am probably going to forget your birthday this year.

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