Golden Years are Here

Yesterday, I read that Ralph Macchio of The Karate Kid turned 52. That must be why I’ve seen so many posts about the dangers of depression on Facebook lately. How does time pass so fast? I blame technology. It didn’t seem to move as quickly on Andy Griffith.

This is what Opie looks like now.

As Bette Davis said, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

Moon and I were watching a movie tonight called Seventeen Again. If you haven’t see it, it’s about a man, (Matthew Perry) that’s dissatisfied with his life and wife, who gets to go back to the age of 17.

Grown up version:

Seventeen year old version:

Moon missed the beginning so she didn’t get a good look at him before he became young. At the end of the movie , SPOILER ALERT, he turns back into the grown-up version, and the look on Moon’s face was priceless.

I know, Moon. I know.

At least I’m growing old with people who have seen the normal aging process – be a kid, go to high-school, go to college, marry someone, have kids, get older, be a grandparent.

Moon doesn’t have that luxury. We were watching the CMA’s and Taylor Swift received the Pinnacle Award.

Pinnacle. As in the highest point. Taylor Swift has reached the PINNACLE of her industry at 23 years of age. She was the opening act for country music stars at 16. She just received an award that in essence says, “It is all down hill from here.” She must be so sad.

I REALLY feel sorry for her.

3 thoughts on “Golden Years are Here

  1. Taylor is a class act and Moon is going to be a class act. Tonight she can see what the really old looks like.

  2. Speaking of the CMA awards; Did any of you youngsters watch the tribute to George Jones? (Possum) Did you know the song Jackson and Strait sang is the number one C&W song of all time? “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”
    The stuff they are doing nowadays ain’t real country and western! But, I do like Carrie Underwood. I’ll have to pass on Taylor Swift. She ain’t to “swift.” But opinions are like something else; Every body’s got one. As Mad Max says; “Y’all have a nice day.”

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