Going Zolli

I mentioned last week that an agent requested my entire manuscript. Actually, she said my first 10 pages were ADORABLE, and she wanted my manuscript. Sorry to repeat myself, I just wanted to make sure you got that part. About my first 10 pages. Being ADORABLE.

Anyway, when I saw her name in my email inbox today, I wasn’t thrilled. I’ve heard that agents/editors/publishers send letters with bad news, but will CALL you with good news. Turns out, I’m still hanging in there!


Thanks so much for sending this along. I’m traveling this week and, since we’re coming up on Thanksgiving, it’ll take me a little while to read. I apologize for that delay but I really am looking forward to digging in.

Mary Kole

Whew. Waiting to find out if someone wants your book is hard. But I’ve been interested in seeing how another writer handled the unveiling of ┬áher debut book. Sarah Palin seems to be doing okay with the whole agent/book publishing business. So I’m wondering….


Do you think I’ll get my bus BEFORE or after the book is published?

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