Going for Gold

If burning the candle at both ends was an Olympic sport, I’d be earning some serious gold. I spent Friday in the office working which is about as exciting and wonderful as it sounds. Friday evening we decided to take Moon up on her offer to try something new and headed out to Red Lobster. We considered ordering the Variety Platter so she could try a little bit of everything but that was 467.00 so we went for the Variety Appetizer. It was a good call since she didn’t like the coconut shrimp, or the boiled shrimp, or the stuffed mushrooms. She DID like the popcorn shrimp, but since she’s had that before it didn’t really count. Oh well, she’s agreed to try a hamburger next so we’ve got that to look forward to.

I spent Saturday cleaning the house, finishing some work, and generally just schlepping around. When the door-to-door evangelists showed up at 11:00 a.m, I wasn’t embarrassed at all to go to the door in my bathrobe. It was SATURDAY. When my nephew called at 2:00 to say he’d be over in five minutes, I felt the same way. But since he had a group of coaches with him, I ran in the house and changed clothes, combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I mean there’s only so far a Saturday excuse with get you. Saturday evening, I met Kit for dinner and we decided we’d get healthy and start a new diet right after we finished our chicken and pasta and cannoli.

Sunday I missed going to my church for like the 18th week in a row, but I was helping a local ministry represent at a mission’s conference. I did get to see a few members of my church family later while Moon was at youth. I had a headache and considered not going but since I’d missed so much lately I wanted to squash any divorce talk. Not that I think people who miss church are divorcing. I just think they’re sinners.

After all of that, I came home and watched Downton Abbey which was GOOD, but I’m a a bit afraid to keep watching.

That face is a little scary.

So now begins a busy week which is made worse because JD has decided to work this week, too. Someone needs to tell him there’s only room for one Candle-Burning Olympian in the family. The best he can do is Silver.

One thought on “Going for Gold

  1. I am sure that you will win the GOLD and JD will get the SILVER. I am satisfied to be a spectator.

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