God Watches The Big Bang Theory

Saturday morning, I was in a mood. It started because I got up and read the bible and Paul was all IN IT. You know what I mean? There was no I’ll just go to church on Sunday and call it a day. He was living it every moment of every day. So there I was, talking to God, and just being ill cause it seems like Christians today, primarily ME, don’t live like that, don’t DO Christianity that way.

A few minutes later, my friend Kathryn called. We had plans to walk, but it seems that she found a homeless lady walking down 41 and she thought she’d give her a ride to Must. But first, she’d bring her by MY HOUSE so I could ride with them. My first thought was, SHE’LL KNOW WHERE I LIVE! Then I heard God speak, “Bazinga!” Yeah, good one God. Way to point out the shallowness of my heart before I’d even put down my morning coffee.

Two minutes ago I’d been ill cause I don’t live out Christianity in a sacrificial way, then presented with an opportunity, I started freaking out. I. Am. Awesome.

Later, I was thinking about how I wanted Moon to read, but that the point was not the ACTION of reading, I wanted her to LOVE books. So maybe the point of doing Christianity, is not to DO the right things, but to have a HEART for the things of God. Feeding the homeless is good, but LOVING the homeless would be the point – much harder.

Like crawling into bed with Moon and spending the day reading so she’d really get it, maybe WE can’t get the heart of God without laying up with Him for some serious bonding time. I. am. deep.

Between reading in bed with Moon, and laying up with God, I’m probably not gonna have much time for work. It’s the price you pay for being IN IT.

2 thoughts on “God Watches The Big Bang Theory

  1. I could name a few of the nearly homeless that you have helped over the years. Keep up the good work.

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