Go With Your Gut

I almost said James was going home. Seriously, based completely on the fact that Daughtry got sent home about this time. American only has so many hard rock fans. Oh well, this will make for a riveting final three. And by “riveting” I mean heavy on corn-pone.

Today I was reading The Big Mama Blog, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. I hear of it every other day from my brother. “Why don’t you write more like Big Mama? Big Mama is awesome. Big Mama’s posts are long. Big Mama, Big Mama, Big MAMA!” He’s such a Mama’s Boy. Anyway, she linked to this awesome hairstyling blog so I thought I’d send you there as well. Except Ammo Guy, I’m sure he’s already seen it.

My family braved the 900 degree Atlanta weather to go to a Low Country Boil. For future reference, the Tyres’ will go anywhere for free shrimp. JD took photos of the happenings.

As long as the happenings included the MoonPie.

Speaking of going with my gut, Consumer Reports did a study on the best diets. They based their findings on weight lost, and amount of time the dieter kept off the weight. First was Jenny Craig, but since there’s no way I’m buying their food and consulting weekly with their expert, I am going with the 2nd highest rated diet. SlimFast.

An oldie but a goody. And by “goody”, I mean everything that is the opposite of goody.

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