Glam Zolli

Since I’ve been wearing my hair in either A) a ponytail or B) a plastic clip for the past 6 months, I thought it might be time for a new hairstyle. Not that I don’t LOVE a plastic clip, but what the heck, I’m in the mood for change.

I took this photo to my guy, Steve.

Me: Can you make me look like this?

Steve: No.

Me: Well, do your best to give me something I can work with. You know I have no hairstyling skills.

Steve: And by “no”, you mean ZERO.

Wow, he’s so brutal. I wonder if we’re related. Anyway, here’s what he came up with.

Not bad. The bangs are a little choppy, but otherwise I think I look good.  Of course, I once thought THIS looked good –

2 thoughts on “Glam Zolli

  1. Hahahahahahaha…I also got a haircut! However mine doesn’t look as good as yours! 🙂 Love you!

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