We had a pony growing up. Riding it went something like this. 1) Beg Dad to catch it. 2) Watch Dad tack it. 3) Get on it. 4) Get bucked off. 5) Get back on and ride 10 minutes. 6)Watch Dad untack the pony and put it away.

It was integral in making me the well-adjusted person I am today.

Today, the MoonPie not only RODE, but she COMPETED.


First she walked/trotted/posted/cantered. It’s called something special, but the 9 year old who explained it to me didn’t write it down. Equitation, or something equally high-brow sounding. I am proud to say she did not fall off ONCE.


Next was the jumping. As you can see, she was AWESOME. I’m already searching the internet for schools that offer Equestrian Scholarships. If she has TIME for college, what with traveling with the Olympic team.


Then they moved to a different arena for games. There’s also a fancy name for those. That 9 year old was a WEALTH of information. If I only REMEMBERED half of it.


When it was over, she received THREE ribbons. THREE. Well, technically, she and Never Been Better won three ribbons, but we’re not sharing.

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