Fun Times

You know how I want to spend my day? Waiting in line at the Verizon store. THEN I want the Verizon tech to tell me that while he COULD give me another USED phone which might lead to the same defective port/no charging problem that I CURRENTLY have, I COULD call the stupid people who gave me the REFURBISHED phone in the first place and they’d send me a NEW one, no problemo. Then I want to call them and have them tell me that they COULD give me a phone, but I could do it much FASTER online. THEN I want to spend my time going through all of the online questions only to find out that it really CANT be fixed online. HA, HA! So THEN I want to call the number AGAIN and have them tell me that I don’t have the AUTHORITY to change my phone, so never mind.

And then I want to yell at the Verizon person and tell them thank you for NOT helping, and then spend the next few hours wondering if he left mean notes about me on the account. Of which I don’t have the authority to change.

Then I want to remember the time I got REALLY mad at our phone company and told them to CANCEL it, only to realize later that I’d cancelled ALL of our phones.

And finally, I want to realize that my crazy meter has jumped the shark and I need 2010 to come in a big way.

So, how was YOUR day?

One thought on “Fun Times

  1. This is a trait your father has and it is not attractive. I never go in the Verizon store I learned a long time ago they are not helpful. Slow down and enjoy life.

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