Friday Randomness

Because I’m too tired to tie these together.

1. I saw a toilet online today that cost SIX THOUSAND dollars. It’s worth it, if just for the lid that raises and closes on its own.

2. Lots of people tell me to watch HOUSE because the main guy has my sense of humor. I finally watched an episode.

Hey, he IS funny.

3. I spend a considerable amount of time thinking of what I’m going to wear when I’m skinny.

Right now I’m going with jeans and a shirt. There’s a reason this isn’t a fashion blog.

4. Thanksgiving is around the corner and this year the turkeys aren’t taking it lying down.

5. The juice/raw diet is going great! I’ve lost almost 5 pounds since Monday. So what if I’m a little irritable? I saw Mantamy yesterday and she implored me to eat some sugar. I said, “ARGH” and bit her head off. Low-fat and yummy!

2 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. 1. Again, how and where in the world do you find these things?

    2. Judging from his attitude, that turkey must be on the same diet you are! Well, at least it will make him less marketable come November. What is YOUR motivation?

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