Friday Five

5 random things because Friday starts with F.

1. Beth Moore is my role model. Not my FAITH role model because I have realistic expectations, but my HAIR role model.

Okay, maybe my hair expectations aren’t that realistic either. I’ve seen a lot of Beth Moore videos through the years and let’s just say Hair Role Model has not always been on her list of achievements. He who has ears, let him hear.

2. The cleaning continues. For YEARS, reaching up into the Tupperware cabinet at my house has been fraught with danger. You had about a 75% chance of being hit on the head by a plastic bowl. But today I cleaned it all out, matched lids to what I could, then threw the rest away. It feels good to clean but sooner or later I’d like to clean some areas that people could actually see.

3. Nashville is one of the best shows on television and the music kills. Here’s one of my favorites from the first show.

You should start watching it.

4. This is the entrance to the subway in Frankfurt.

I would like to go and see it for myself. Look for a “donate” button soon.

5. Dieting and hungry? Go for cocoa: Participants in a study were significantly more satisfied 30 minutes after they drank low-fat chocolate milk than after a soft drink. More tips HERE.

And that’s, as they say, a wrap! Have a great weekend.

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