Photobooks are awesome Christmas gifts. I started doing one of the MoonPie several years ago, and before I knew, even my MOTHER was creating books and handing them out. We all use MyPublisher but I saw on one of the coupon blogs that you can get one from Picaboo.

Via Deal Seeking Mom –

You can receive a FREE Classic Photo Book from Picaboo when you use code AFFLGB through March 31, 2010. The code is good for a 20-page Photo Book up to $39.99. You can additional pages for an extra charge, if desired. You pay only the $8.99 shipping and tax if applicable.

To get your FREE photo book:

  • Go to Picaboo and enter your email address.
  • Download the free software and design a 20-page book.
  • Use code AFFLGB at checkout and pay only $8.99 for shipping!

The download is for a PC, but they have a Mac test version. I’m feeling lucky, so that’s what I tried.

If you’ve never created a photobook you should. Like I said, even my MOTHER…..

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  1. Your mother can do a lot – and she is smart enough not to do something like go to India.

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