Four-wheeling and Rocket Science

Four-wheeling is serious business, which is why we never go without our own personal NASA representative. He assured us that the rain was of no concern.

Some people weren’t so sure. Hello? Didn’t you see his NASA t-shirt?

“If your here to play in the mud holes just stay out.” That’s not even grammatically correct. How can you expect people to pay attention to your rules?

And what exactly do you mean by “play”? Rimfire was stuck. I’ve heard that happens when you four-wheel during a thunderstorm.

Actually, I’ve never known anyone to four-wheel during a thunderstorm. Must be a NASA thing.

Of course, people aren’t known to take toddlers four-wheeling either, so what do they know? Check it out, I believe the rain has stopped! Maybe we should take the tarp off?

I mean, we can leave it on if you prefer. You look really comfortable.

That’s nice. Let’s get out and stretch our legs.

Uh, I said “stretch”, not fall down and get covered in mud! Didn’t you see the sign? You’re going to get us in trouble.

Our NASA rep, talking the MoonPie through a difficult area.

Great-grandparents holding the toddler over muddy embankments and swollen creeks. Side Note: It’s a wonder I’m alive.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Buckshot, you seem frustrated. Don’t you like being behind the great grandparents and a toddler? Is there something wrong with stopping every twenty feet while our NASA rep guides the MoonPie through the trenches? Did you really leave us behind when were stuck up to our axle in a mud hole? Axles? Do we even have those?

Whew. That was fun. Now where’s our NASA rep? Someone has  to load up these things, drive them home, and wash them. Don’t look at me. I’m not the one with the Astrophysics degree t-shirt.

One thought on “Four-wheeling and Rocket Science

  1. Good thing we had our own NASA man and camera crew girl what else could you want

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