For my Tennessee fans

I use the term “fans” loosely.

Derek Dooley, the head coach AND athletic director of Louisiana Tech (and son of UGA legend Vince Dooley), has been hired by Tennessee to be their next head coach, according to the Sports Animal in Knoxville (via Clay Travis on Twitter).

Since arriving at LaTech, Dooley’s compiled a 17-20 record as head coach, 12-12 in the WAC.

So UT interviewed candidates, narrowed it down to their top picks, and HIRED a coach with a 17-20 record?  I’m confused, I thought the first number was how many you had won. That’s still correct? Gotcha, so 17 and 20 must be a GOOD thing. Wow. That’s nice to know.

In a totally unrelated note, I guess I should keep playing tennis. Turns out I’m awesome!

8 thoughts on “For my Tennessee fans

  1. I might ask who you think they should’ve hired, but then again you know nothing about the sport of football. Or about Derek Dooley. Or about coaching at La Tech… Can you give me a list of those that might’ve won more than 17 games during a 3 year at stretch at LT playing the likes of Auburn, LSU, Boise St., etc.

    3 years from now you will be able to label him as a success or a failure. As for now, give him a chance and lets see what’s he’s got. He has a better record as HC than the last coach UT hired!

  2. I wasn’t aware Urban Meyer coached at La Tech…

    Here’s a couple of interesting HC’ing records to look at… USC is supposedly a Top 3 job in the country. Lane Kiffin has a career recored of 12-21 and was just hired (slightly worse than Dooley’s with much better talent to use). Before that Pete Carroll had a 33-31 record as a HC. Now, Carroll went on to win about 85% of his games while being the HC at USC. Sometimes it’s more than the record, it’s the situation, the people you are surrounded by, the program, or just plain luck.

    Derek Dooley may be Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Vince Dooley in a few years or he may be, well, a tennis player with a blog. Give it some time and we’ll see what happens.

  3. I’m happy with the choice of Dooley, I was merely pointing out that a losing record qualifies you to coach college football at a very high level. 12 -21! Losing almost twice as much as you win and you’re sought after? Nuts.

    And I’m more of a blogger that plays tennis than a tennis player with a blog.

  4. Football fans (fans: fanatics) have been conditioned to mediocrity, Just look at the bowl games we have nowadays. 34? ! Gads! Used to be the BEST teams went to the bowls. Nowadays teams with 6-6 records get bowl bids. What a crock!!

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