For beginners from a beginner

If you have Photoshop and like to play, then you need to try the brushes tool. I never used to use it because all I had was the typical paintbrush..uh, brush. But then I found this website – Brusheezy and started downloading their FREE brushes. They have everything – animals, grunge, musical notes, graffiti, flowers, leaves, all kinds of cool stuff.  They’re like stamps – you just pick a color and stamp it on your document. It’s simple enough to download them, and save them in your Adobe file, presets folder. They are zip files so you’ll have to unzip them, then go to Photoshop and load them. You can leave a comment if you need help.


This is something simple that REAL designers already know. But if you’re like me and spend your days updating Facebook and reading goofy blogs, you might have missed it. Now that you know, go play!

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