Five Friday Facts

1. Despite her parent’s inability to get her to school on time, Moon Pie made all A’s and B’s on her report card yesterday.

2. Painting a small, purple flower on your big toe can look an awful lot like you’ve dropped a soup can on your foot and killed your nail.

3. (4 weeks of dieting + 4 days of P90X) x 2 days of eating whatever you want = 3 pounds gained.

4. Comparing yourself to others is never a winning strategy. Especially if you watch Dancing with the Stars.

5. I’m leaving for India in four days. INDIA.

One thought on “Five Friday Facts

  1. 1. Way to go, Rachel!! 2. Maybe we should try a pink flower next time or just stick with polka dots 3. Whatever – You’re beautiful. 4. Amen! 5. So excited for you…and more than wee bit jealous!

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