Fine, then.

The haters have won – no chickens for now. This means I won’t have poultry to blog about. Well, my life is exciting enough without it. Take today for instance. There I was at the bridge table and I pick up this:

S:  A K Q x x

H: K J x x

D: K x x

C: A

So I COULD open 1 spade, but I chose to open 2 clubs. Then my partner said 2 hearts and I said 4 no-trump, which she answered with 5 diamonds, so I bid 6 hearts which makes, of course. We were missing the ace of trump, but everything else was ours. Three out of six people were in the same contract, so it wasn’t a big deal. Now the hand where we bid 6 CLUBS, and were the only ones who found it, now THAT was a big deal.

I hope this post was especially pleasing to those of you who voted NO on the chickens. There’s plenty more where this came from.

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