Finally, A Post that doesn’t involve Puke

Well, except for the title.

Last Sunday, in an extraordinary act of unselfishness, I opted NOT to play bridge, and instead went with the family on a field trip to Ft. Frederica. It had nothing to do with the fact that I had finished in 11th place the night before. 11th out of 12. Total coincidence.

I just wanted to see the famous fort, built by James Oglethorpe, and basically the entire reason that you’re not reading this in Spanish.


Watch out Spain, we’ve got your number! Just try and come up that river, the marsh will run red with your BLOOD. Hey, don’t blame me. They just made me watch a film about The Battle of Bloody Marsh.


I’m not sure what this is. Despite being in South Georgia, the temperature was in the 30’s. I was inside shopping by this point. But according to the MoonPie – “They built this trench, and they kept their guns there, and the holes were for keeping watch.” She’s going to make a great docent.


Or else a really big geek. Nah, all the really cool kids dig history.

One thought on “Finally, A Post that doesn’t involve Puke

  1. Rachel would have made a good colonial lady of course she couldn’t have voted back then or anything else.

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