Feel better about your own Thanksgiving outfit

No matter what you wear, you look good in it – IF you are 19 and skinny.  I am neither.  I am way neither. Yet, ever the optimist, I decided to make a quick trip into the store to find something to wear to Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. By “store”, I mean the ever-fashionable, oh-so-economically-priced WalMart.

Surprisingly, I found my choices limited. I wasn’t looking for anything special, it only had to meet two criteria. One, it had to be LOOSE enough to hide my stomach, and Two, it had to be LONG enough to hide my butt. After much searching, I found a semi-cute number that I thought might do, all for the low, low price of $9.00.

My husband, took one look at it, and did this:


*Not my real husband. My real husband was crying much harder.

Sigh. So I looked like a tent, big deal. Okay, an OLD tent dressing in canvas way to young for her. How was I to know? It wasn’t like I bought just anything off the rack, I went with a real DESIGNER.


Maybe I should have bought the hat, too. That could have pulled the whole look together for me.

2 thoughts on “Feel better about your own Thanksgiving outfit

  1. Come to Tennessee next year and you won’t have to look fashionable. You can wear one of my vintage outfits.

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