Feel better about your own purse


Rachel and I went yard-sale shopping this morning. In the process, she developed a stomach ache from reading her new books in the backseat. So I gave her a Coke. I don’t know where I heard that this works, but it’s found it’s way into my parental bag of tricks.  It’s a small bag that includes gems like using Sprite for nausea and cornstarch to remove Vaseline from hair. Anyway, she drank three sips then gave it to me to hold. And I put it in my purse. Upside down with the lid half off. Oh well, it forced me to clean out my purse. And I learned something new for my bag of tricks. It involves not putting drinks in my purse.

By the way, the best way to reach me for the next few days is via email.  Good-bye phone, it’s been nice knowing you.

One thought on “Feel better about your own purse

  1. You are right I feel much better about my purse now if I could only feel better about my house.

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