Feel Better About Your Own Life

Two typical days in the life of Team Tyre.

Day One:  It’s 7:15, JD, don’t you need to leave for the photo shoot? You can’t find your keys?  I’ll get out of bed and help you look. Not on the table, not in the clothes you wore yesterday. Go out and look in your truck. Nope, not there?. I’ll keep looking. Maybe I should look in your truck myself. Oh, there they are in the ignition! Now the battery is dead. Let’s jump it off. Good? See you later. Oh wait, it died? Jump it off again. Whew. Now I’ll go back to bed. Better check the phone one last time in case he forgot something. What’s that? You’re up the street at the stop light and I need to come jump you off AGAIN? Sigh.

Day Two: JD, you need to shoot the bracelet. You know, the one John gave me to put on EBAY for $1500? Where is it? On the table. On the desk. On the floor? WHERE IS IT? It’s FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! FIND IT. Move everything. Look under everything. It’s MY fault? No, its YOUR fault! Maybe it’s MoonPie’s fault! Go look in the trash! Let ME look in the trash! Here it is, under the peanut shells and coffee grounds.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Feel Better About Your Own Life

  1. Take comfort that you’re not alone 🙂 That’s us almost every morning – keys, belt, wallet, flashlight, a phone number, etc – he loses it, I find it!

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