Family Fun

I’m driving the MoonPie and RimFire to North Carolina where we’re meeting all the other crazy women in my family. Even Alaska Ashleigh will be there!

We’ll ┬ábe touring the Biltmore. We’ll be touring the Biltmore with my grandmother who’s 95 96, my mother who’s nursing an aching neck, my sister who’s mad, my niece who’s left her boyfriend behind and will probably be texting constantly about how boring we all are, my other niece who’s accident prone, my daughter who’s whiney-prone, and me – the only normal, well-adjusted one of the whole lot.

And there are those who think going to India was hard.

6 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Might want to re-check the grandmother’s age. I’m thinking 96, will be 97 in August. She will probably be the only one in the bunch not whining.

  2. whats up? dunno if this is the right spot to “sign up” for next week(24th) but my bro(the guy on D with the same face as me)n i are definitely was a real thlelrir~Damien

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