We had a great visit with family this weekend. My mom, Aunt Fay and Aunt Ann came on Thursday to spend two days hitting all the yard sales. They were awesome guests. First, they brought food. I’m going to chock that up as good guests behavior and not the fact that I made Aunt Fay a light mayonnaise tuna-fish sandwich on double fiber wheat bread last year that was inedible.


They pulled stumps. Seriously.

They bought food for a cookout, showered Rachel with gifts, and left money under my computer.


They went to Field Day and tried their hand at Tug-of-War. They went to the playground. Rachel loved every second of it. JD loved every second of it. I loved every…well, you get the idea. And the best part for me was how cool they are right THIS minute. Growing up, they were just background noise to the drama that was my life. Now I get to appreciate them as adults. They are funny and interesting and real.¬† They take care of their husbands¬† and their husband’s “people”. They’ve been sister-in-laws for FIFTY years.


They are three awesome women. And they are welcome anytime. Is next weekend too soon? Hello? Hello?

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