Facebook Folly

Here’s the truth about Facebook: People will like any picture, no matter how fat and stupid you look. I know this from experience. I went to a concert this weekend with JD, Moon and my friend John and decided it’d be a great time to use my new phone and snap a “selfie”. Because my arms aren’t long enough to fit all four of us in the photo, I did two – one of me and John, and one of me with the fam, then posted them both online. The one of John and I was better, but I could hardly post just THAT, like some kind of weird co-worker date night, so I uploaded both. WHY, I don’t know. I could have just not posted anything and allowed the world to wonder what we were doing, but no, I was at a CONCERT, the world must KNOW. Imagine my glee when I got home and saw that the photo on my phone looked 1000x worse on a computer screen and apparently everyone on the internet saw it. Anyway, I deleted the photo. 🙂

Saturday, I spent the whole day lounging, writing, reading and watching Lost. I’m about half way through the 3rd season which is quite the accomplishment considering there are 25 episodes in each. Afraid that I might run out of things to do, I bought 2 books at the bookstore and received a 3rd one in the mail. I only managed to finish one between the napping and the tv watching.

I love my weekends so much I plan on continuing it right through Thursday.


One thought on “Facebook Folly

  1. I can’t believe you took that picture down it was so good of all three of you. Now we can’t see how Rachel was enjoying the concert. Keep reading those books they will really take the pounds off.

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