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I’m going to try and give you a weekend wrap-up, but if I fall asleep in the middle of this post it’s because my mother tried to kill me.

My mom and her business partner/friend, Donna, showed up at noon on Thursday, dropped their luggage in the spare bedroom, and we headed out the door to the first of three estate sales. Well, we actually switched cars with JD since their truck was already full to the brim with things for the upcoming vintage fashion show and THEN headed out, but you get the idea. We could have just ridden bicycles because the sales were pitiful. Obviously, there are a great number of Estate Sale merchants putting their children through med school because nothing else could explain a vintage, lamb-wool jacket for sale for $495.00 dollars.

Thursday afternoon, the three of us went to the site of the upcoming fashion show and began the process of unloading and displaying all 485 rings, bracelets, scarves, dresses, coats, and dead animals. Yes, we had a few of these:

Awesome. Believe it or not, we sold them all. Apparently PETA folks don’t frequent retirement communities looking for old clothing. Odd.

By the time we got finished setting everything up, my sister and her cohorts, Bertha and Sandy, made it into town. They’d just settled in when we came home with pizza. Apparently, driving from Virginia means you get to show up after all the work is done and dinner is on the table. Odd. Still, they brought wine so I’d call us even. Because I only have 3 bedrooms, (the HORROR) JD had to sleep out in the office with the dogs, and I had to sleep in the bed with Moon and my sister.  Even though the dog pooped during the night, I’d still say JD got the better end of the deal.

Friday morning, we were out the door by 8 a.m. because, you guessed it, estate sales. This time we hit a really good one and pretty much everyone was happy, which with this crowd is a minor miracle. Next it was lunch on the Square, then back to the retirement community so the residents that lived there could shop the “pre-sale”. It was a long day, and at 3:35 pm, mom and I left to go pick up Moonpie, while the rest of the crowd locked up. Apparently, by “lock-up”, my sister meant “shop at Duprees”, because while my mother and I were making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, making sign-in sheets and auction paddles for the show, she and her crew were not. Odd. But they also shopped at the liquor corner on the corner and brought home more wine, so I counted us as even.

Saturday, we had to be at the fashion show by 9:30 a.m., so of course we didn’t have time to get 6 women and a pre-teen up and dressed in time to hit any yard sales. Just kidding, of COURSE we got up and went to a couple. Cohort #1, Bertha, spent 65.00 at a yard sale which is pretty dang impressive since I didn’t see a thing over $1.00.

Our show was a great success and over a hundred ladies attended, bid and bought a ton of vintage jewelry and clothing, and were inspired by our models to, as my dear, friend Marsha said, “race right out to Jenny Craig.” This is the part where I’d put images of our beautiful models, like KitKat, in tiny vintage dresses but I was so busy trying to get out the door in time to yard sale, I forgot my camera. But I did get a pillow showing a scene from Brussels for $3.00 so, win.

After the show finished at 2:30, we spent the next hour and a half putting all of the things away and loading the truck, then we….yes, we went BACK to an estate sale. We might have a problem. Saturday night, we ordered another pizza, put on our pj’s and crashed in the bed by 9 pm. Speaking of problems, try sleeping between a pre-teen and Tania-the-mad. Nothing says, it’s time for everyone to get going, like waking up to spooning your sister! Although to be fair, I’m not sure Tania-the-mad loved it either.

Sunday morning, my mom and Donna got on the road at SEVEN. I can’t imagine why they were in such a hurry to leave, but it was their loss. I got up and made a hearty breakfast for everyone, then as Tania and the crew left for Virginia, I got ready for church. And by “got ready”, I mean “put on clothes from the floor”. The Tyre’s did everyone a favor and sat on the back row. After church, we went to my brother’s house for a birthday party for the little one who just turned 3, then we came home and I caught up on some work.

It was a FUN and FULL weekend, and this was a really long recap. I should have just posted a short, illustrative video of how I feel.

I’m the house in this illustration in case you were wondering.

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  1. Just think next year we will do the same thing twice instead of the one time.
    How can you be so lucky?

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