Extreme Weekends

I had all kinds of fun this weekend in what seems like polar-opposite events, but probably aren’t that different. It started Friday night with Supper Club. This week we met at our friends house in Kennesaw for a great dinner and no electricity. We have a theme each month and I’m not sure what this one was, but I look way better by candlelight so, win!

The people in Supper Club are all friends I’ve met through church over the years. Well, everyone but JD, but that’s another story. I was looking around the table at them all and it struck me how unique and awesome and fun they are in so many different ways. So we ate, and drank wine, and laughed and then we ended the evening by praying together. It. Was. Great.

On Saturday, I got packed and drove to Zollicoffer. An old friend has a new blues CD coming out next year, so he and his band were playing a preview show for a select few. My cousin came in from Nashville and she and I went to the show together. It was held in a friend’s place of  business just off the square. I knew almost everyone there from high school. Of the few there I didn’t know, it would take about 20 seconds before we found common ground – “Oh, I went to school with your sister,” and “I worked for your dad last year.” We ate pretzels and drank draft beer and laughed and we ended the evening when my friend fired his drummer on stage in the middle of a song. It. Was. Great.

If all I knew of the world was based on my own personal experiences, and the people that are in my life, I’d say life is beautiful.

The drummer might have a different take on things.

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