Even in the best of families

It had to happen sooner or later. Years of peacefully coexisting with our neighbors, over in one afternoon.

It began with a phone call, a complaint lodged with the authorities, and before you know it, one of us was questioned, temporarily restrained in the backseat of Johnny Law’s vehicle, and luckily, released with a stern warning.

I’m embarrassed to say that tempers were high. Was alcohol involved? Not to my knowledge. I’d chalk this up as youthful indiscretion but the involved party is old enough to know better. Sigh.

What can I say? The shameful display happened in full view of the entire neighborhood. I think that public humiliation is enough punishment. There’s no real reason to go into any more detail or name names.

Besides, I’m sure she’s learned her lesson.

4 thoughts on “Even in the best of families

  1. The dog was at the water department. Someone called animal control. They loaded her up and asked the neighbors if they knew who owned her. Brought her home with a warning. The End.

    Doesn’t sound half as funny that way.

  2. wow. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’m not sure that this is funny but it sure sounds like it!

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