You’ll be glad to know that the poor girl who didn’t save her work, somehow managed to recreate it and sent it off to New York only moments ago. She also had a meeting with a pastor, made a bunch of phone calls, sent out emails and ads, packed most of her clothes, called people asking for money, went to pick up her daughter, dusted the living room, cleaned the toilet, set up a fan in the spare bedroom for her Aunt, and fell into bed exhausted so she could get up in the morning and mop the floors before company gets to town. I think the title of her book should be The Glamorous Life. Or Wealth, Power and Beauty – How to Live Without It.

So I’m off to a social media conference tomorrow but I’m leaving the house in the capable hands of my mother. I fully expect to come home and find a house full of furniture that she bought and didn’t have room in her truck to haul home. There’s already a bench, a ceramic pot and a bunch of framed pictures waiting on her to retrieve them. Plus Fay’s coming. If I don’t find at least one fan and a waffle maker after they’re gone I’m going to be worried they are sick.

Speaking of sick, I have to get on a plane tomorrow and I’m NOT flying first class. I know, it’s ridiculous. My co-worker managed an upgrade, but JD and I are going to be in the back with the peasants having to PURCHASE our meals like something out of David Copperfield. Plus we’re in a window/middle seat for a flight that is almost 5 hours. Do you know how many times I’m going to have to ask the person on the aisle to get up so I can go to the bathroom? A zillion.

Still, I hear San Diego is nice. I mean other than the whole earthquake thing. We’re going to a Social Media Conference so that I can learn how to tell you about my exciting days on every possible platform there is – Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and a whole host of other sites that I don’t really know anything about. Each night there’s a “Networking” event so we can all meet and use cool marketing  jargon like “inbound marketing” and “content-rich solutions”. I plan on enjoying myself and “networking” nonstop.

And by “networking” I mean “eating” but you probably knew that already.

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