Easy Parenting

I don’t want my friends with more than one child to ever complain again. Having just ONE is way harder than any number other than one, even 7. No wonder the Duggars keep having kids; I bet they haven’t talked to some of them in years!

Friday afternoon, Moon came home from school, excited that a friend was coming over for the weekend. I’d been to the store and stocked up on drinks, chips and cookies, and JD put up the new, just-big-enough-for-two tent I’d purchased. Moon was so overcome with joy that she gave me a spontaneous hug and said, “I love you, so much!” Epic win.

Then her friend came over and I didn’t hear another thing for 48 hours. Well, I heard things – giggles, yelling, squeals – but none of them were directed toward me. It was heaven. I got an entire book read, cleaned up the spare bedroom, made chili, loved on my dog, had a friend over to watch tv, and basically lived life like a normal, non chicken-nugget making, well-rested human.

I’m thinking Moon needs a permanent sister.

Watching them reminded me of a conversation I had this week with my friend Kit, (not her real name) at lunch. We were talking about being young and how good it felt. Remember when you just did stuff for fun? When I was 17 I would have killed for a full tank of gas and no curfew, and now that I have those things, what do I do? Eat myself sick on chili and Fritos and obsessively watch Fox News and The Big Bang Theory. It feels like a wasted opportunity. But then I remember what I WANTED to do as a teenager.

1. Kiss a boy

2. Laugh with friends late into the night

3. Listen to music

Wasted opportunity and I go way back.

The good news is that if I can convince my friends that 10 pm. constitutes as late into the night, I  can accomplish all of those teenage dreams this week! Aiming low has its rewards.

3 thoughts on “Easy Parenting

  1. When you are wishing for a sister for Moon you should remember that sister doesn’t count as friend. I don’t remember your life with sister as being all buddy buddy.

  2. The same sister that wouldn’t let her sleep with you and if she did only let her hold on to your gown. I guess it good to have a sister when you grow up.

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