Early Morning Post

Today I’m actually doing something I keep meaning to do. Every night I fall into bed exhausted and think, I’ll just get up in the morning and blog, but then morning comes and, life. But I’m just refusing to get out of bed until this post is done. I am dedicated to you!

Yesterday was more running around from place to place with the added benefit of having Moon along. She missed school Monday because she was sick, and Tuesday because she was sick of school. Middle-school is rough, people, that’s all I’m going to say. Except that I am thankful that I had my cousin Ginger with me while I was going through it. (The truth be told, Ginger STILL acts as my buffer. I don’t go to any events in my hometown that involve people I went to school with unless she’s there with me!)

While I let Moon lay in bed with a fever and watch TV on Monday, I wasn’t going to let her do that while fake sick. So she went with me on errands, sat beside me while I worked, and basically got to experience life as a middle-aged, mid-level employee. I don’t think she’ll want to miss school again for a while.

While we were hanging out, she mentioned that the school Olympics were next week and she’d signed up for two sports – Crabwalk Soccer and Corn-Hole Toss. Okay. I figured summer was upon us and we could use some outdoor entertainment, so we went to Target and bought her a corn-hole game. A girl’s got to practice for the Olympics, amiright? Just as we walked in the door, my “boss” called and said he’d like us to meet him and some folks for dinner. I’m always up for ¬†free food, but figured Moon had had her limit on middle-age fun, so I called her BFF to see if she could come hang. Yes, she could, but they were across town. I grabbed Moon and away we went AGAIN. I put Moon and her new corn-hole game out on the curb, then raced back across town for dinner, then went home and let the dogs outside, then went BACK for Moon. She was excited to show me that she’d spent the last two hours putting her game together ALL BY HERSELF.

I’m glad one of us had a productive day.


3 thoughts on “Early Morning Post

  1. Tell Moon her cousins Matti, Huttson and Jett have been practicing Corn Hole so they can play with her. They are pretty good if they get to stand a foot away from the hole.

  2. Bro . Pinnex Just got home from the trip and wanted to tell you thank you again for the optrupunity to be a part of the missions trip. My wife and I had our hearts touched for this difficult and unique mission field. We will defin itley be praying for you luke 18:1Love the Allens

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