Do you know yourself, REALLY?

Several years ago, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to open a restaurant – me, the person who cannot cook and prefers to be bone idle. My husband just smiled and nodded as I went to the library and checked out books on Italian cooking, and restaurant management. I would even drive him by empty buildings that would make good locations. I pictured myself, skinny and wearing a black dress, greeting people at the door while holding a nice glass of wine. What I’m wearing tends to play a big part in whether or not I think I’d like an activity. Eventually, I realized it was a bad idea.

I’ve learned a FEW things about myself since then. For instance, I no longer buy clothes for when I “lose weight” or things at yard sales that I can “fix up with a little paint later.” I have accepted the fact that those things just won’t happen. See, growth!

Now there are three, SLIGHTLY more realistic, ideas that hover at the edge of my consciousness. Things that I THINK I’d like to do over the next year or so. They haven’t quite made it to the “You could NEVER do that” list. Here they are –

1. Plant a garden. – Okay I get that this is not exactly unheard of, and when I say “plant”, I really mean “oversee.” I tried to accomplish this in early spring, but JD refused to rent a tiller and plow up a spot, EVEN THOUGH we have the perfect place out by the apple trees. If he would make a spot, and put out the seeds, I would be in charge of watering and harvesting. I’m picturing a big hat, white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and khaki shorts. I could DO this.


2. Own Chickens – Again, perfect spot by the apple trees. I have been thinking about chickens (okay, AND goats) for a while, but I REALLY started wanting them when I heard that my friend’s neighbor has some in her back yard. ¬†And she lives within the city limits! I can totally see me visiting the chickens every morning, throwing the feed out, and getting a few fresh eggs for breakfast. Of course I’d be wearing a long skirt and skinny tank top. I’ve never been around chickens, but I did see Chicken Run, and except for the escaping thing, they seem like a pretty mellow group. And the chicken coop is cute!

3. Become a beekeeper. – I admit, my knowledge of bees is limited. Basically, all I know is that if they “swarm”, you can get them out of a tree by banging pots together to simulate thunder. See, that is INTERESTING. Bees are cool. They make vegetables grow bigger, which is why I would put them by my GARDEN. I don’t know how they make vegetables grow bigger, but I just want to eat their honey, I’m not trying to be a bee scientist. The only issue I have is the wardrobe. I just can’t picture myself covered head to toe in white, carrying a “smoker”. Cute Ryan Reynolds is a beekeeper, maybe I can ask HIM what’s fashionable. I wonder how I get his address. Anyway, what could go wrong?


Not that it matters what I WANT to do, so far JD has been adamant that we’re not doing any of it. I guess he’s grown too. Darn it.

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