Dieting Results

Today is Tuesday, or as we folks over in the Lose It group on Facebook call it, TooSUCKday.  Yes, we weigh ourselves and post our results online in an attempt to encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and publicly humiliate ourselves into starting fresh on Wednesday. I don’t know why I bother. Oh, yeah. I want to look like this:

But then I remember that I’m old, and that IF I get anywhere near skinny, I’ll actually look like this:

OMG. It just hit me – I look GOOD. I guess they’re right, there’s no such thing as too rich or too skinny! Forget what I said before, this girl is going to weigh-in and then get to work. There’s only so much bathing-suit season left.

One thought on “Dieting Results

  1. It is sad but true as we get older we can be skinny and ugly or we can be fat and ugly. We can not win.

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