Dental Hyjinks

I don’t have much to talk about tonight, Kittens, and no time to tell it. I’m packing for a work trip and by “packing”, I mean watching my new big-screen TV. Not that I’m in the mood to write anyway. Today, Moon and I went to the dentist. Moon was in and out of the chair quickly, but I needed a full set of x-rays, which took FOREVER. And I’m just going to say it – I think I was upsold. Oh SURE, those silver fillings I got when I was ten need replacing. Or have you just noticed how much you can get for silver, Dr. McToothy?

ALSO, I have read on the internet that the government has a flying bomb the size of a mosquito, so why do those stupid xray things you put in my mouth have to be the size of a business card? Get with the times, people! All I wanted was a cleaning and some of those whitening trays. Did anyone ask you to check the gum to tooth ratio?

In other news, I’m fat. And I went to the nail salon and told the technician to choose the color – something youthful. Which is why I have nails the color of Barney.

Some days it doesn’t pay to leave the house.



One thought on “Dental Hyjinks

  1. When you were young you bit the dentist and swallowed a cap for your tooth. They didn’t like to see you coming.

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