Dead People’s Stuff

Every now and then over the last few weeks, something would happen and I’d think, “Now THIS would make a good blog post.” Mostly it was when my mother was in town. She came, along with the Aunt’s, the week before Moon’s birthday to go to estate sales and to celebrate Moon’s birth. Mostly that first one.

The weekend they came was cold so we didn’t get a LOT of bargains, but we still had fun. The highlight had to be lining up at a house with 17 other people, getting mad because it was five after nine and the door hadn’t opened, urging the people at the front to bang on the door, and then seeing a poor woman answer while half asleep and wearing a shorty robe. Turns out the agents listed the wrong address. Oopsie. The real tragedy was that when we found the correct address they didn’t have anything good. Annoying, amiright?

I did manage to find twin beds, and my aunt totally scored on a chrome, toilet-paper holder, but it was this PAST weekend when I scored my biggest find to date. I made JD get up with me and drive all the way across Marietta, but you can imagine how happy he was when I found the perfect gift for Moon.

Now she’s an official member of the Cartouche Bridge Club!  In an odd twist, JD says he’s unavailable next weekend. Well, with all the bridge pj’s and chrome, toilet-paper holders taken, there’s nothing good left anyway.

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