Day One – Passion 2012

A few months ago, my friend Carolyn and I decided to volunteer at the Passion 2012 Conference. Carolyn probably wanted to hear the speakers and the bands, but being uber holy, I just wanted to serve.  They could put me anywhere – serving coffee to David Crowder, picking up Beth Moore from the airport, standing on the stage saying, “check, check” into the microphone. I wasn’t picky. The Passion team sent out an email saying I was on the Touch Team, (which turns out, has nothing to do with Chris Tomlin. Sorry about that, Chris. No reason to call security!) and I would be helping direct students. OUTSIDE. Yes, I was assigned to Team Outside, in Atlanta, where the high was supposed to be 38. Me, the girl that wears a jacket and hat INSIDE my house. But hey, if God thought I’d be most useful outside, then I’m sure that’s where He wanted me to be. I’m not sure what it says about your spiritual significance when you could be replaced by a bright yellow cone and an arrow pointing, “That way.” but I was determined to go with it. Carolyn was given some cushy job inside that she gave up by VOLUNTEERING to be outside with me. Wow, hanging out with me has really helped with her spiritual growth, amiright?

Since Passion registration for the students began at 2 p.m. Carolyn and I hit the streets at noon to prepare. Kittens, I’m not gonna lie, it was COLD. And at first, I was pining for one of those sweet jobs inside, but then the students started to arrive. We were positioned nearest to the hotels, so we were basically the first Passion people they saw. We smiled and waved and high-fived over 40,000 students to their registration point. It. Was. Awesome. The kids were so happy and excited to be there, and appreciative. Every few mobs, someone would yell, “Thanks for serving!” The other volunteers were great too. One person brought us hot chocolate, a stranger handed us hand warmers, Carolyn even got Chick-fil-A!

After we’d moved all of the students to registration, we sent them to the dome for the first session. It was 7 p.m., all the kids were where they needed to be, and we were free to go in and listen. Did I mention it was awesome? I’m pretty sure Jesus was there in a big way. What else would explain why, after freezing yesterday, and with temperatures dropping even more, I’m sitting here in my husband’s flannel lined pants, eagerly awaiting my ride downtown, ready to do it again? If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is. Amiright?

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  1. I see a good night of sleep helped. It is 14 degree here so I hope you take those hand warmers back. It reminds me of all those ball games we use to attend.

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