Dances with Bears

Ashleigh-the-Niece ended her whirlwind Farewell Tour today, at least the Atlanta portion, as she prepares to leave for Alaska. We had a nice lunch to tell her bye, give her last minute instructions, the usual.


Good-bye! It was good seeing you! Dress warm!


Come back soon! We will miss you. Be nice to your new roommates!


I’ll be checking your Facebook! Don’t make me come to Alaska with a gun!

Since she’s heading to the University of Alaska in Juneau, she’ll now be known as Alaska Ashleigh!


She’ll be on a plane Monday, off to meet new people, on a beautiful campus, measuring glaciers and hiking with bears. In a related story, I’ll be playing Wii with some ladies from church.  Take that college girl, Ka-POW.

2 thoughts on “Dances with Bears

  1. You know, the thought of being one of your “church ladies” really irks me. Dana Carvey on SNL comes to mind. Any by the way Zolligirl, it’s not WII, it’s a Playstation 3 and I’m thinking Miss Alaska took off today because she was just a little bit scared that some church ladies were going to rock her butt off! Slam-POW!

  2. That’s right, Mantamy, preach it! And you’re not just a “church lady”, you’re the leader of the “church lady” pretend band. Rock ON!

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